Capital facilities and land use planning

City of Tigard demonstrated the criteria that determine the threshold of what is considered taking. In some cases, these plans and land use maps have not been updated for many years while in other parts of the City, no land use map exists at all.

Land-use planning

Conventional zoning has not typically regarded the manner in which buildings relate to one another or the public spaces around them, but rather has provided a pragmatic system for mapping jurisdictions according to permitted land use.

In addition, using information such as development projections, strategic plans, comprehensive plans, facility master plans, and regional plans; governments should identify present and future service needs that require capital infrastructure or equipment.

The Land Use Administration Division provides advice and analysis for proposed developments that may not be permitted by current underlying zoning regulations.


This Recommended Practice utilizes the title Master Plans to denote the long-range plans 10 - 25 years that act as a framework for capital project requests that direct the Capital Improvement Plan.

The following is a list of Land Use Applications that the City Council is authorized to use to provide relief from the underlying zoning regulations after receiving a recomendation from the City Planning Commision: Planners and citizens often take on an advocacy role during the planning process in an attempt to influence public policy.

Governments undertaking a capital financing plan should: To promote orderly development, every parcel within the city has a zoning designation that governs its use.

The master planning process should be an in-depth analysis, incorporating the financial factors that bridge the gap between planners and finance officials.

Proposed Future Land Use Categories will be posted here as they are developed. What was different this time? This authority is usually delegated by state governments to local governments, including counties and cities. Any reproduction of this document in whole or in part, or the divulgence of any of its contents, without the prior written consent of the Fund or the AIFM, is prohibited.

Infrastructure, technology, and major equipment are the physical foundation for providing services to constituents.

Illinois Route 53/120 Corridor Land Use Plan

Coordination with related entities Allow submitting agencies to provide an initial prioritization Incorporate input and participation from major stakeholders and the general public The impact on operating budget impacts resulting from capital projects Apply analytical techniques, as appropriate, for evaluating potential projects e.

Advocacy and equity planning: Will the road be built in my lifetime?

Capital Planning, Design and Construction

The list of potential projects for inclusion in the CIP comes from a variety of sources, including department requests, plans for facility construction and renovations, long-term capital replacement programs, citizen requests, neighborhood plans and projects for which grant funds are available.

Provide categories that generally align with existing land use plans; Provide categories that enable the City to implement the Comprehensive Plan including better defined mixed-use categories and categories to protect the military missions ; and Create a consistent, predictable, and well defined classification for application across the whole City.

Doing so will save you time, money, and provide for enhanced plan review. The representatives of the three agencies and the BRAC committee chairs comprised a core team to ensure coordination. A charrette is a facilitated planning workshop often used by professional planners to gather information from their clients and the public about the project at hand.

The case of Dolan v.MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities builds and maintains the physical environment for Michigan State University. Submit a. About the Capital Improvements Budget. The Charter of the Metropolitan Government for Nashville and Davidson County requires that the Planning Commission submit a list of recommended capital improvements that are necessary or desirable to be constructed or provided during the next six years.

Pima County Planning develops and implements Comprehensive Plan Policies and Zoning Code Ordinances that help preserve our natural and cultural heritage while building healthy, dynamic and sustainable communities. Facilities Planning Unit (FPU) The Facilities Planning Unit (FPU) provides assistance and support to the California Community Colleges 72 districts encompassing colleges, 72 approved off-campus centers, and 23 separately reported district offices.

Capital Facilities & Utilities Chapter.

Property Topics and Concepts

Bellingham Comprehensive Plan Planning for capital facilities and utility services are existing needs and to ensure that the Land Use Chapter, Capital Facilities Chapter, and financing plan (CIP) are coordinated and consistent. Aug 17,  · To promote orderly development, every parcel within the city has a zoning designation that governs its use.

These uses are defined in the official zoning ordinance supported by the official zoning map. The Land Use Administration Division processes .

Capital facilities and land use planning
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