Essay on my dreams of india

It treats both the positive and the negative in the same way. India attained independence on August 15, Welfare of the nation will be our topmost priority.

I am not an exception. You attracted those things in your life. There would require a careful planning from the grass-root level to make our economy healthy.

All would be kept engaged in some work or other.

540 Words Essay on the India of My Dreams

We are quite confident that by most of our problems will be solved and our motherland will reach the pinnacle of glory and grandeur in every field. Research would also show the way of rendering these toxic fumes harmless once they are released into the atmosphere.

Industrial development started with the Second five year Plan. They will never indulge in petty quarrels. Discontentment with job or salary would vanish. I wish that my country should become militarily strong and be fully prepared in this nuclear age for defense.

Today people have grown selfish. In the land of my dreams, income in our countrymen would as the people in the developed nations of the world. Besides, there are various fundamentalist and separatist groups that provoke people to propagate their religion and talk ill about the others.

So keep dreaming, believe in yourself and put in as much effort to realise your dreams. Essay on India of my dreams Article shared by I daily dream of my beloved motherland. However, it is not good to pent up feelings and emotions as it can lead to stress and drain you emotionally.

India of my dreams | Short Paragraph Essay on Dreamed India for Students and Children

There will be more women pilots, doctors, soldiers, officers and teachers. However, this is the catch! Multipurpose projects like the Bhakra Nangal and Damodar Valley Projects will provide enormous power to solve the irrigation problems of the Indian peasant.

People shall have equal opportunities economically socially politically and culturally. Our country is backward in the fields of science and industry. It is a mistake to suppose that dreams and visions are always futile - a way of escaping from hard realities.

Education and Employment I dream of India where every citizen is educated and is able to find a deserving employment opportunity. Peaceful Atmosphere for Study: The defenses of the country will be very powerful. India has made its mark in the service sector.

The education in the country would be of need-based, and everybody is trained in something or other to earn their own lives without being a burden on others.India of My Dreams Essay 5 ( words) India is a country where people belonging to different ethnic groups, castes and religions live amicably.

It boasts of a rich, variegated cultural heritage.

Short Essay on India of My Dreams

Though colonised for a long period of time, India has come a long way ever since its independence. My Dream Essay – 5 ( words) Introduction. Dreams play a vital role in shaping our future.

India of My Dreams Essay

It is rightly said, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it”. So if you have a dream then set it up as your goal and work hard towards achieving it. The India of My Dreams.

Essay No. India is proud of its rich past.

693 Words Essay on India of My Dreams

It was because of its riches that it was invaded innumerable times and that its wealth was plundered. The British ruled India for almost two centuries and exploited the country economically. words essay on nature india of my dreams speech.

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India of my dreams also should respective in nature. Every human being has to do the respect of women and seniors. It is the great rite of. India of my dream is, naturally, the same ancient land, full of peace, prosperity, wealth and immense knowledge.

I want to see it free from the problems that are bringing bad name, destroying peace and creating unrest and despair among the masses.

Essay on my dreams of india
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