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The onshore monsoon brings the rainy season while the offshore monsoon causes the dry season. The diurnal range and annual range of temperature are therefore small. Heavy forests cover the northwest coast, but elsewhere trees are found only on the higher ranges below the Alpine region.

Singapore and other equatorial regions. The cloud cover in deserts tends to allow maximum solar heating of the land in the daytime. The Laurentian Highlands, the Interior Plains and the Interior Highlands lie between the two coasts, stretching from the Gulf of Mexico northward, far beyond the national boundary, to the Arctic Ocean.

Beyond the equator, places have longer days and hence higher temperatures in summer, and shorter days and lower temperatures in winter. Mean daily temperature — sum of hourly temperatures divided by 24 hours Diurnal temperature range —maximum temperature minus minimum temperature Mean monthly temperature — sum of mean daily temperatures in the month Geography as level notes by number of days in the month Mean annual temperature — sum of mean monthly temperatures in the year divided by 1 Annual temperature range — maximum temperature minus minimum temperature recorded in a year Daily rainfall - the amount of rain that falls over 24 hours Monthly rainfall - total amount of rainwater collected throughout the month Annual rainfall - total amount of rainwater collected throughout the year.

Compare and explain the variations in temperature between different locations. The Rocky Mountains generally contain fairly mild slopes and wider peaks compared to some of the other great mountain ranges, with a few exceptions such as the Teton Mountains in Wyoming and the Sawatch Range in Colorado.

Virginia had also donated land, but it was returned in The Rocky Mountains contain some of the most spectacular, and well known scenery in the world. Tall, prominent mountain ranges rise up sharply from broad, flat tundra plains.

Most of the rain in Singapore comes from convectional rain. A portion known as the Colorado Plateaucentered around the Four Corners region, is considered to have some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. The location facing the sun experience day and the location which is away from the sun experience night.

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In India the offshore NE monsoon does not bring rain except areas close to the Bay of Bengal and therefore it is relatively dry towards the end and beginning of the year. The Coriolis effect cause the wind to be deflected.

Surrounded by water and accompanied by the high temperatures, especially at mid-day, leads to a high evaporation rate. I have already spread word of this site to NYC classmates and on their behalf I would like to thank you again, so thank you very much and keep up the great work!

Continental effect - Inland regions situated at a great distance from the sea have hotter summers and colder winters than coastal regions. Absence of cloud cover leads to great diurnal range of temperature.

The southern hemisphere experience winter and the low temperature causes the air to be cold and dense, resulting an area of high pressure over Australia. Relative humidity also varies with temperature.

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On descending the leeward slope, a decrease in altitudes increases both the pressure and the temperature; the air is compressed and warmed. Alaska borders the Pacific Ocean to the south and southwest, the Bering Strait to the west, and the Arctic Ocean to the north, while Hawaii lies far to the southwest of the mainland in the Pacific Ocean.

The Southwest is predominantly a low-lying desert region. Singapore and other equatorial regions.

Geography of Rwanda

Adnan Khan I've always been that kind of student who despised theory parts of a subject and loved 'to the point' explanations. Hawaii, far to the south of Alaska in the Pacific Ocean, is a chain of tropical, volcanic islands, popular as a tourist destination for many from East Asia and the mainland United States.

The generally low relief of the plains is broken in several places, most notably in the Ozark and Ouachita Mountainswhich form the U. Describe and explain the weather and climate of Singapore with reference to rainfall, relative humidity and temperature.

Monsoon winds are regional wind patterns that reverse direction seasonally due to the Coriolis effect produced by the rotation of the earth. Updated 22 Feb for the new syllabus 1. The five Great Lakes are located in the north-central portion of the country, four of them forming part of the border with Canadaonly Lake Michigan situated entirely within United States.

At night thick clouds prevent rapid loss of long wave radiation heat energy from the earth's surface. This change of temperature gradient is called the normal lapse rate or vertical lapse rate. The Rocky Mountain region is the highest region of the United States by average elevation.Climate.

Although Rwanda is located only two degrees south of the equator, Rwanda's high elevation makes the climate average daily temperature near Lake Kivu, at an altitude of 4, feet (1, m) is 73 °F ( °C).

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European Geography quiz - just click on the map to answer the questions about the countries in Europe.

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The term "United States", when used in the geographical sense, is the contiguous United States, the state of Alaska, the island state of Hawaii, the five insular territories of Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa, and minor outlying United States shares land borders with Canada and Mexico and maritime borders with Russia, Cuba.

Geography as level notes
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