Natural vegetation of india

Prior to the independence of the country, the forests of the country were protected under the Indian Forest Act, Long roots, broadness and radial pattern are the most common features of the dispersed trees found in this region.

The forests are also known as archetypal rain-forests. Categories of Indian Forest 1. India now maintains 80 national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and 35 zoological gardens. Rubber The rubber plant is not a native plant of India. The tree is regularly pruned to 6 feet for production uses to keep the nutrients from going to the tee rather than the beans.

Short, stout flowering twigs emerge from the trunk and large branches, or even from the soil-covered base of very old trees.

Other than angiosperms, other varieties available are 31 kinds of pteridophytes, bryophytes of 27 different kinds while a special species of gymnosperms named as Pinus Roxburghii can be seen in the ranges in state of Punjab.

Bird-Life in India is rich and colourful. Feast your eyes on Chinese fishing nets, or catch a glimpse of France in attractive Puducherry. Among the valuable species of plants found in this region, are kikar, babul, and coarse grasses.

Flora And Fauna Of Punjab

Tropical Deciduous forests or Monsoon forests. So a forestation is being adopted in order to preserve our forests. The important species are teak, axlewood, rosewood, common bamboo, red sanders, laurel, satinwood, etc.

Enumerate the major species of trees of the tropical rain forests. The floral wealth ranges from the Alpine to the temperate thorn, from the coniferous to the evergreen, from scrubs to deciduous forests, from thick tropical jungles to cool temperate woods. It is also a rich source of Vitamin A, C and E and assists in digestion.

Natural Vegetation Of India

Deciduous trees, fern, shrubs and grass mainly cover the wet foothills of the Himalayas while the Brahmaputra Valley consists of tea plantations and rice fields. The cultivation of vanilla started in Mauritius in and in Madagascar in the year It requires a moderate well-distributed rainfall with high temperature for better performance.

The many kinds of tea are usually named for their colour and grade the best teas using only the two terminal leaves or for their district of origin, e.

The rubber tree may live for a hundred years or even more. Trees such as pine, silver fir, birch, juniper etc fall in this category of vegetation. Depending on elevation and rainfall vegetation varies from mixed to deciduous to confireous 4.A gas leak refers to a leak of natural gas or other gaseous product from a pipeline or other containment into any area where the gas should not be present.

Because a small leak may gradually build up an explosive concentration of gas, leaks are very dangerous. In addition to causing fire and explosion hazards, leaks can kill vegetation, including.

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Remote sensing is becoming an increasingly important tool for agriculturalists, ecologists, and land managers for the study of Earth's agricultural and natural vegetation. Types of natural vegetation vary according to climate, soil and altitude.

Natural Vegetation of India: Notes on the Classification of Natural Vegetation of India

A study of the distribution of the forests in India reveals that there is a marked relation between the rainfall. Natural vegetation in India is influenced by a few factors like topography, soil, amount of rainfall and temperature.

Natural Vegetation in India

Natural vegetation in India can be classified in different ways, according to their position, atmosphere, weather condition etc.

NATURAL VEGETATION: The natural vegetation of an area means the plants that grow temperate vegetation and exotic species of birds. India and the world have a wide variety of natural vegetation ranging from tropical evergreen forests to desert vegetation.

Natural vegetation of india
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