Someone to love me book report by anne schraff essay

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Someone to Love Me Book Report by Anne Schraff Essay Sample

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Sometimes I'm amazed at the stuff we're able to find with such little informationSomeone to Love Me Anne Schraff Total Pages: Finished the book This week I finished the book Someone to Love Me by Anne Schraff. It talked about how it was Halloween and Bobby wanted to bring Cindy to a Party called the Dungeon.

Someone to love me is a book about a teenage girl going through her junior year in high school. Facing things most teenage girls don’t have to face.

In the book, Someone to Love Me, written by Anne Schraff, Cindy was a freshman attending Bluford high school.


Her mother was never home because of her new boyfriend, Raffie. 1 Votos desfavoráveis, marcar como não útil.

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Other research found out about Anne Schraff and the Book. Anne Schraff wrote books and books about everyday life. The stories speak about how different stages of time in life. Summary: In the book "Someone to Love Me," written by, Anne Schraff, Cindy felt alone in the world.

In the book, Someone to Love Me, written by Anne Schraff, Cindy was a freshman attending Bluford high school. Her mother was never home because of her new boyfriend, Raffie. Cindy did not trust Raffie.

Someone to love me book report by anne schraff essay
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