Video games and the benefits they

On the contrary, the data presented here suggest that video games are a protective factor, especially regarding peer relationship problems for the children who are the most involved in video games.

The Many Social Benefits of Playing Video Games

When the reading skills of the children were tested afterwards, those who played the action game were capable of reading faster and more accurately.

Kids can be addicted to video gaming. David Hyde Pierce commented that it was one of the most moving moments of the evening, watching Moose recognize and react to the applause one last time.

This fosters friendships among different people. The best way to learn is when the learner is having fun at the same time.

Thinkstock More and more studies are showing that video games are good for memory. Players may start off playing solo, avoiding others, but to advance to the higher levels they have to make friends and join with others in mutual quests.

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Considered one of first of the visual aptitudes to diminish over time, the ability to pick out bright patches is key to tasks like driving at night. The researchers believe their study shows the potential of video games -- particularly action games -- to serve as an aid in the way we correct bad eyesight.

Most games do not reward players who play safely. Games can provide a positive aggression outlet the same way as football and other violent sports.

Know what your child is doing at all times. Playing violent video games socially with other players, as opposed to playing alone, has been shown to reduce feelings of hostility in players Granic et al By Tony McNeill, Source How Video Games Promote Social Skills Though there is a widespread belief that gamers are socially isolated, many modern video games actually encourage social behavior in players.

In the game, age does not matter, but skill does. A series of studines by California State University found that the impulsive part of the brain, known as the amygdala-striatal system was more sensitive and smaller in excessive game players.

Even the way that games are made can encourage teamwork. Anything in moderation is not a problem. Learning systems are being designed to mimic gamesand there are more and more positive outcomes being attributed to gaming than anyone would have ever thought possible.

Skills learned and honed playing home console and video games, as well as mobile gaming apps, will undoubtedly be very valuable to students in the workforce of Tetris were more likely to engage in helpful behaviors.

When printed novels became available to the masses, many warned that these would lead the young, especially girls and young women, to moral degeneracy. Similar arguments were made against each new technology that they would be physically, psychologically, and socially damaging. The researchers drew on their experience playing repetitive computer games and devised novel counterparts that would help people feel more positive about themselves.

The Benefits of Video Games

Source There are also varied educational benefits to television as well. Players are then free to explore and utilize and achieve success with this new skill, growing in self-confidence all the while. Mastery of the keys on your keyboard helps you easily move your characters in the game.

Video games may improve eyesight. Finally, video games seem to be linked to better intellectual functioning and academic achievement. Grammer agreed to Leeves as the choice when his initial table reading with the actress went exceptionally well.

Improves problem-solving skills Video games involve certain rules. Situational awareness — — Defense News reported that the Army include video games to train soldiers to improve their situational awareness in combat.

Absorption in a game distracts the mind from pain and discomfort. Trying to be a real surgeon must have gotten in the way. Having fun gives your kid motivation to keep on practicing, which is the only way to learn skills. This blog is a forum for discussion, and your views and knowledge are valued and taken seriously, by me and by other readers.Video games are a huge industry and a big part of our society — take a look at Microsoft's recent purchase of a game studio for $ billion — but games get a bad rap.

They're often portrayed. We here at Mammoth Gamers have put together some stories that have given them health benefits of playing video games and how they may improve overall health. There are times in life where video games have helped us in more ways than one.

For some of us, it has helped us get through difficult times providing memories that last a lifetime. The more adolescents reported playing strategic video games, such as role-playing games, the more they improved in problem solving and school grades the following year, according to a long-term study published in If you play video games, for the correct length in time, there can be many benefits to playing video game like in aiding in the development of learning templates, decision making skills, and other.

5 Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

Positive Effects of Video Games on Children | How To Adult. May 07,  · Video games can hold many benefits, and teach multiple life lessons.

There is evidence that they may be as beneficial as learning how to read was to Reviews:

Video games and the benefits they
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